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10 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Carpet Cleaner


Have you cleaned carpets on your own? We are not referring to vacuuming, but using solutions to try to remove stains.

The process can be very difficult and like many other things in life, is never as effective or as easy as it is made to look by a professional carpet cleaner. With so many different products available in the market, both solutions and hardware, many argue that you can do it yourself instead of hiring a professional. We have compiled a list below of the top ten reasons why My Carpet Doctor a professional carpet cleaner should be hired.

1. Saves Time

First off, the amount of time that can be saved when you hire My Carpet Doctor is a good enough reason for most people to hire professionals to clean their carpets instead of doing it themselves. It can take a long time to clean a large house, and with a busy life and day. For most people, it is a lot more realistic to hire My Carpet Doctor as their trusted, local professional carpet cleaning company.

2. Simplicity and Ease

When you hire professionals to do the job it is very easy. First of all, My Carpet Doctor is a carpet cleaning expert. Our company is IICRC certified and therefore thoroughly trained in all aspects of carpet cleaning. However, cleaning your own carpets means you will need to move your furniture yourself, rent a carpet cleaner, clean the carpets, and then return the carpet cleaner to the store. Those machines tend to be very cumbersome and heavy. You have to go through all of this to try to make your carpets cleaner, and even after you are finished you will not be able to come close to the results that can be produced by a professional carpet cleaner such as My Carpet Doctor.

3. Health Conditions

Like with most things, professionals can almost always do a much better job compared to amateurs. When it comes to cleaning carpets, a professional carpet cleaner are always able to do a much better job compared to amateurs using a rented machine. One of the best reasons for hiring a professional is the health benefits you can enjoy when you have professionally cleaned carpets. One major reason to hire a professional carpet cleaning company such as My Carpet Doctor is we get down very deep and reach all of the spots that you probably can’t when trying to do it on your own. Vacuuming just removes the top dirt layer, no matter how powerful of a vacuum you have. One area that tends to not get touched is within the carpet backing and fibers. However, My Carpet Doctor can reach them. Many breeds of mites, fungus, mold, dust, and other serious health hazards may be found here. My Carpet Doctor can eliminate those health hazards, so your carpets are left clean and fresh.

4. Smells and Odors

Carpets can sometimes smell. Since they are on the floors of all of the rooms of your house, everything settles there. Regular traffic causes all of the dust, dirt, spills, and crumbs to disappear into the carpet pile. We can use our thorough carpet cleaning knowledge to eliminate all of the nasty odors that come from dirty carpets. Things such as food spills and pet stains, in addition to regular wear and tear, contribute to the odor which happens with carpets. The problem is not solved by just cleaning them. No off-the-shelf cleaning products or scrubbing will eliminate these nasty odors. Most products found in retail stores just mask the smell for a short amount of time. However, My Carpet Doctor completely eliminates them by using a combination of high-powered cleaning solutions and technology.

5. Extend Your Carpet’s Life

Through routine maintenance and cleaning, your can rely on your carpet’s life being extended by several years, depending on the frequency and quality of cleanings that are done. The carpet in your house is just as important of an asset as the paint on the walls. Maybe even more, when you consider the constant traffic that your floors receive.

6. Improve Your Comfort Level

Most likely you know how good it feels when your home is freshly clean all the way from the top to the bottom. When your carpets and house are clean, your home is so much more comfortable. Clean carpets have a fresh smell and your home is left with that new house feeling and smell. Walking on carpets with your bare feet feels a lot better when your carpets have been freshly cleaned. After they have been cleaned, you need to vacuum on a regular basis to keep freshness and smell present for as long as you can.

7. Increases Your Home’s Aesthetics

Nothing is worse than walking into a house that has unkempt and dirty carpets. They smell and look bad. When your carpets are professionally cleaned by My Carpet Doctor your carpets will be given that new feel and look once again.

8. Have The Job Done Right The Very First Time

When trying to clean carpets on your own, one of the main concerns is that it is usually done right the first time. Often we run into situations where an individual cleans their own carpet and then a week later calls us to have the same carpet professionally cleaned. This can all be avoided and the job can be done right the very first time. So save yourself a lot of money and time on not having to rent a low-quality cleaner that just wets your carpets.

9. Maintain Appearance And Eliminate Stains

If you have heavily stained carpet, you can rely on a professional being able to get rid of most stains, whereas a DIY cleaning probably will not. My Carpet Doctor has been dealing with stains for many years and can identify and alter our cleaning methods to fit your specific situation. Carpet cleaning is a lot more complicated than most people think. If you aren’t careful and the wrong kind of product is used on a stain, you could cause more damage and ruin your carpet.

10. You Can Relax Knowing Your Carpets Are In Good Hands

My Carpet Doctor can take care of your carpets if you live in London, Kent, Surrey and Essex, so you can just sit back and relax. A rental cleaner cannot match the job that a professional can do. Get A Free Quote:

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