Professional Carpet Cleaning Sidcup

My Carpet Doctor operates throughout the Sidcup Greater London areas.

Our fully trained technicians, specialist tools and cleaning solutions will ensure your carpets and upholstery stay fresh and clean for longer and help your Sidcup home feel healthier for longer.

Carpets and upholstery in our Sidcup homes and workplaces suffer a huge amount of wear every day and if not regularly cleaned they can collect dirt and bacteria becoming unsightly and unhygienic and with COVID-19 currently threatening our everyday life keeping your carpet and furnishings clean has never been so important.

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Carpet Cleaning Sidcup
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Why Choose My Carpet Doctor?

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About Us

Here at My Carpet Doctor we provide one off cleans, annual cleans and even a regular all year round maintenance service to your carpets & soft furnishing. We cater to offices, estate agents, restaurants, hotels and more. See our carpet cleaning Sidcup Price List or we are more than happy to provide over the phone 07496 674467 estimates, via our online form or we can visit in person to provide a quotation.

As a trusted business for Carpet Cleaning Sidcup we are used by thousands, we offer a flexible, reliable and friendly service.

Our Cleaning Services


cleaning stair carpet
Carpet Cleaning

The natural treatments used by our technicians are incredible at restoring original colours and removing stains in your carpets. 


Mattress cleaning service
Mattress Cleaning

We offer a professional mattress cleaning service from bed wetting accidents, dust mite elimination, general deep cleans


Upholstery Cleaning

Remove those stains with professional upholstery cleaning. Rediscover the beauty of your sofa and chairs.


Commercial Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning service for your business. We work quickly to get the job done with minimal disruption.

Our 4 Stage Cleaning Process


Tips in Keeping Your Carpet Clean After Having It Professionally Cleaned?

When you get your carpet professionally cleaned, it’s important to keep up with cleanliness in order for them to stay as nice and crisp-looking. Use these tips from an expert cleaner on how best to maintain that gorgeous look after a professional cleaning:

keep carpet clean

Wait Before Walking

You’ll want to give your carpets a chance to dry off before you walk across them. If not, they may get dirty and can foster mould growth if walked on too soon. 

Clean Stains And Spills Immediately

If you ever spill anything at home, make sure to clean it up right away. A spilled drink can leave a stain on your carpet that will be difficult or impossible to remove if left unattended for too long.

Vacuum Regularly

Most people think the carpet has to look dirty before it needs vacuuming, but that’s not true. In fact, if you don’t vacuum regularly enough this can lead to a buildup of dirt and pollutants inside your home.

If you’re afraid an extra vacuum session will make the dust fly all over your house – don’t worry! A good quality upright or stick-vacuum cleaner is safe for those sensitive ones in our lives like kids with asthma and allergies as well as pets who have sensitivities too.

Remove Shoes But Do Not Go Barefoot

The natural oils in your skin can leave oily residue behind on the carpet you just cleaned. This leaves an unattractive look and attracts dirt to be left there later, so it’s best not to walk barefoot across that beautiful clean carpet!

Blot Only

Remember to blot the spill with a towel instead of rubbing it. Rubbing will cause your spills to soak deeper into carpet fibres, which makes them more difficult and expensive to clean up later on! Try water first if you are able to.

It is easy and inexpensive but may not work depending on how much liquid was spilled. If that doesn’t do the trick then use dish detergent sparingly – one thing about this method is that it can be tricky because there isn’t any “cut off” point where dish soap works without being diluted with other things like vinegar or baking soda so make sure you’re using just enough before trying anything else.

Finally, contact professional cleaners when all else fails as they should have access to products better suited for deep cleaning carpets.


Benefits Of Hiring Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaners

Professional Office carpet cleaners use powerful scrubbing machinery that penetrates deeper into your carpet fiber which leaves your carpet smelling fresh much longer, gets rid of allergens and bacteria. Here are top benefits of using a commercial office carpet cleaning company.

Our Customer Feedback

Found these guys on google and i am amazed at how good my carpet has come up and it smells great. thanks
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Great service from start to finish and explained all the processes. Great job guys!
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Our carpet tech was very helpful and did an amazing job. Highly recommended.
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Here To Serve You in Sidcup

At My Carpet Doctor our aim is to achieve the best results possible in all carpet & upholstery cleaning bookings you make with us, and we will always be here to offer expert advice on your required service. We operate the leading machinery in the industry, and offer a fixed pricing structure, meaning we have you covered both on cost & quality.