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4 Things to know about mattress cleaning services


4 Important Things To Be Aware Of When It Comes To Mattress Cleaning Services


One chore that many people tend to overlook is mattress cleaning. A quality mattress will last a long time. However, like with anything that is not maintained properly, if it is used on a daily basis it will deteriorate more quickly. It is essential to clean your mattress on a regular basis for your health as well as your personal comfort. My Carpet Doctor has many mattress cleaning services that can get the job done and offer various services to meet all of your mattress cleaning needs. Therefore, before deciding to clean your own mattress, hiring a professional should be seriously considered. In this article, we will be providing you with important information on mattress cleaning services and what you should do to prepare for having your mattress professionally cleaned.


The most effective way to disinfect your mattress is to hire a professional mattress cleaning service. The cost of having your mattress professionally cleaned will vary depending on what kind of cleaning is needed and what size your mattress is. However, consider that a majority of companies charge an hourly rate, so it is essential to request an estimate before you hire a professional mattress cleaning service.

Types of services

The kinds of cleaning that are provided by mattress cleaning companies will vary as well depending on the kind of mattress that you own. For example, usually cleaning a memory foam mattress needs deep cleaning by having a professional use a steam cleaner. This procedure helps to remove all of the grime that has built up. No matter what concern you have, mattress cleaning professionals know how to properly sanitise your mattress to eliminate bacteria, odours, and dust mites. Professionals can also recommend what the best mattress cleaning method is depending on what your personal concerns are.

What preparations do I need to take for a professional mattress cleaning?

When you hire a professional mattress cleaning company another advantage is there is not a lot of preparation you need to do since they handle almost everything for you. However, to help speed things up, it is useful to prepare your mattress. Take the pillowcases and sheets off, along with the rest of the bedding. If you do that in advance, it will provide the cleaners with a clear space to work in.

How frequently should I have my mattress professionally cleaned?

Dirt, dead skin, fungi, bacteria, and dust mites may be harmful to the health of your family members and you. That is why it is recommended for homeowners to hire a mattress cleaning company once every six months at least. Also, it is a good idea to change your sheets once per week in order to prevent your mattresses from accumulating dirt.

Having a clean bed can help your sleep more than you may realise. In addition to providing you with a higher quality of sleep, the lifespan of your mattress will also be increased by professional mattress cleaning. Although you can try to clean your mattress yourself, you could risk ruining your mattress instead if you do not have the proper techniques and tools to do a great job. Professional mattress cleaning services are fully equipped with the right tools and experience needed to ensure that your mattress feels, smells, and looks as clean as possible. It will be like sleeping on a brand-new mattress once again.

My Carpet Doctor has an experienced team of cleaning professionals who can help you if you are thinking about hiring a professional mattress cleaning company. To learn more, get a quote today!

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