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Professional Cleaning Methods For Different Types Of Upholstery

Professional Cleaning Methods For Different Types Of Upholstery

Professional Cleaning Methods For Different Types Of Upholstery


In spite of your utmost diligence in upholding the cleanliness of your furniture, accidents are inevitable. The regular use of upholstered furniture leads to the accumulation of dirt and dust, resulting in fabric wear and a lackluster appearance. To preserve the elegance and cleanliness of your furnishings, it’s imperative to master the art of proper cleaning and maintenance. This is why we have curated a comprehensive manual that delves into the effective cleaning techniques for the most prevalent upholstery varieties.


To uphold the pristine condition of your upholstered pieces, adhering to established general guidelines is paramount. This encompasses routine vacuuming to thwart the settling of dust deep within the fabric and padding. Furthermore, swift spot treatment stands as the optimal approach to eliminating spills and thwarting their progression into obstinate stains.

Nonetheless, transcending these fundamental steps, it’s vital to acknowledge that distinct upholstery fabrics demand tailored care. Each fabric boasts its distinct attributes, necessitating a specific cleaning methodology. Steering clear of potential pitfalls such as shrinkage or colour bleeding can be achieved by familiarising yourself with the proper approach to cleansing particular fabrics. This knowledge equips you to achieve unparalleled results while tending to your furnishings.


Upholstery crafted from synthetic materials, such as acrylic, polyester, nylon, or olefin, typically lends itself to simplified cleaning. These substances exhibit high water resistance and are amenable to cleaning with water-based products. In instances where your upholstery is detachable, it can be laundered using a washing machine.

However, it’s advisable to consult your furniture’s label for precise treatment directives or recommended cleaning agents. When in doubt, testing any cleaning product on a small, inconspicuous area is a prudent step to ascertain the absence of shrinkage or discolouration. Should such effects manifest, discontinuing the product’s use and exploring an alternative furniture cleaning solution is recommended.


Upholstery textiles, including cotton, wool, silk, velvet, and linen, primarily comprise 100% natural fibres. Unlike synthetic fabrics, natural materials retain substantial moisture, rendering wet cleaning unsuitable. Nevertheless, steam cleaning can offer a viable option. Unless stipulated otherwise on the label, you can generally undertake the cleaning of natural fabrics yourself.

While addressing the cleansing of natural upholstery, opt for water-based products, albeit with judicious application. Excessive moisture can lead to shrinkage or unsightly water marks. To circumvent these issues, employ a moderate cleaning solution and blot the fabric with a clean, dry cloth subsequently.


Numerous upholstery fabrics intertwine natural and synthetic fibres, often featuring a 50/50 blend of cotton or wool with synthetic threads. When contending with blended fabrics, the safest recourse is to engage the services of adept upholstery cleaners. Blended materials commonly necessitate bespoke treatment to avert shrinkage or other forms of harm, unless the label prescribes a DIY cleaning methodology.


Microfibre upholstery garners popularity due to its appeal and durability. Revitalising microfibre upholstery can be achieved through diligent brushing and vacuuming to extricate dirt and debris. For targeted cleaning, it’s imperative to refer to the manufacturer’s label for explicit instructions on optimal products for your microfibre upholstery.


Leather upholstery typically demands minimal maintenance, requiring sporadic dusting and wiping to sustain its suppleness and sheen. However, should a stain mar your leather upholstery, it’s wise to enlist the services of a proficient company for treatment. Leather can be sensitive to specific cleaning agents, and erroneous cleansing could trigger damage or discolouration.

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