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Reasons Why Pet Urine Stains Are So Difficult To Remove From Carpets

Reasons Why Pet Pee Stains Are So Difficult To Remove From Carpets

Reasons Why Pet Pee Stains Are So Difficult To Remove From Carpets

Pet / Animal urine, much like urine from humans, is made up of a combination of water, uric acid, and various other chemicals. It comes out yellow. When it’s released, it comes out as acid. However, after it sits, it starts to transform into something more alkaline because of the presence of bacteria. The salt that’s produced from the alkaline ends up mixing with the pigment and it results in stains.

This is why you want to clean up any animal urine as soon as you spot it. The sooner you clean it, the better the chances you avoid a hard-to-remove stain.

The longer you allow it to sit on a carpet, the deeper it engrains into the fibres of the carpet. This makes it increasingly difficult to remove. The ammonia that ends up growing in the urine can result in colour changes. This is even more true if there are any blue tones in the flooring. This is critical to understand because it may appear as though the cleaner cannot fix an older stain. After all, the stain is a simple colour change that’s taken place within the fibres of the carpet itself.

Another big issue that you will have when you are dealing with animal urine is the bad odour it leaves. The fact is, animal urine stinks. The foul odour is produced by the ammonia and the bacteria that’s in it. If the bacteria aren’t killed off right away, it’s only going to get worse. This is why you will find that a home that has pets usually smells worse when it’s humid outside. Humidity breeds bacteria. Also, the urine can soak down to the bottom of the carpet which can make it nearly impossible to remove by hand.

The bacteria needs to be removed from the carpet if you want it to be cleaned effectively.

The majority of the cleaning products commercially available are not going to deal with the odour. They are primarily meant to address the stains that are left behind. Thus, they will only deal with the colour. This can make your home look cleaner, but it’s not going to deal with the smell. Instead, you want something that is an enzymatic cleaner or a pure disinfectant. This is one that My Carpet Doctor uses and it will not only remove the stain visibly but also the foul odour that comes along with it. My Carpet Doctor is a professional carpet cleaner that has the highest quality equipment you will find in the marketplace. The usage of high-quality commercial equipment ensures that all of the issues are dealt with deeper into the carpet fibres rather than just on the surface.

Any retail products or homemade remedies are only going to address surface stains. They cannot penetrate deep enough into the carpet fibres to be effective. Getting rid of pet urine can be a long and tedious process. It’s also likely to be ineffective if you don’t have the right solutions and equipment. Even when you think you removed the stain completely, you will find out that the smell always comes back. This is because you can only do so much to scrub away a stain by hand. You need a solution that penetrates deep into the fibres of the carpet and even into the padding. You can end up making the problem even worse when you use these methods. You will only be pushing the urine down even more. To effectively remove the stain and the smell along with it, you need to use commercial equipment and the right bacteria-killing solution.

While you may find something that works eventually, you are likely going to find that the problem only gets more difficult to control once the urine is driven deeper. You won’t know where the smell is coming from which can make it impossible to remove. Unfortunately, any disturbance to the bacteria is likely to spread into the air decreasing the air quality in your home.

This is why you want to opt for a deep cleaning solution. My Carpet Doctor uses an environmentally-friendly hot water extraction cleaning process to ensure that you get rid of those foul odours for good. If you are dealing with any animal urine stains, you know you can count on My Carpet Doctor to solve them. Get A Cleaning Quote:

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