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Regular Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning for Pubs or Restaurants



For an establishment like pubs or restaurants to be successful, great food, beverage, and customer service are crucial. Not only that, but the environment must be clean. Anywhere where food and beverages are served, the carpet, seating, and upholstery can get stained by food debris and spillage. Even though your staff cleans and vacuums everyday, this is not effective with stains and dirt that are embedded into the fibres.

The accumulated dirt can quickly make the pubs or Restaurants look dingy. Even if you serve great food, dirty carpet and seats can repel customers. This is why a deep cleaning from My Carpet Doctor every year is necessary.

With a professional carpet cleaning service, your carpet and upholstery in pubs or restaurants will stay fresh and clean all year round. 

Why An Annual Professional Deep Clean is Necessary

Pubs or restaurants are popular places for the public to frequent. With heavy foot traffic, customers can track in dirt and grime from the streets. When the weather is rainy, this is especially problematic for carpeting. Stains from muddy shoes can be ground in and become difficult to clean without professional methods.

Spillage from food and drink is also inevitable because customers are not always careful. Even though your staff can wipe off the spillage, stains can set in. Not only that, but the odours from food can get absorbed into the upholstery and carpet fibres over time. Your staff can only remove the surface dirt, but not what is ground in.

An annual cleaning for pubs or restaurants from My Carpet Doctor can solve this problem. After cleaning, your premises will look fabulously clean and smell amazingly fresh.

Wrong Cleaning Methods Can Be Harmful

Your staff most likely cleans the premises everyday before and after your business hours. If your carpet and upholstery in your seating area are stained, they might be tempted to clean these stains themselves. The risk of this is that if they are not familiar with different types of stains and cleaners, not only will they not get the stains out, but they might damage the fabric.

The wrong cleaning agents can cause discolouration to the fabric. Too much scrubbing on tough stains can damage the fibres. It is best to avoid cleaning tough stains and let My Carpet Doctor handle that.

The Leading Carpet Cleaning Professionals

My Carpet Doctor uses advanced equipment and cleaning technology. The methods are tough on dirt and stains, but gentle on fabrics because no harsh chemicals are used. Different stains require different treatments, and if someone inexperienced uses an incorrect method, it can damage the carpet and upholstery fibres in your pubs or restaurants.

The experts at My Carpet Cleaner know exactly how to treat and clean the toughest stains from carpeting and upholstery. They are highly experienced and certified. You can trust them to take great care of your establishment.

My Carpet Doctor will tailor their cleaning services to your needs. You just need to describe what type of cleaning you need and any special requirements that you may have, and they will take care of the rest.

They understand that you operate a busy establishment, so their goal is to minimise any interruption to your business. They can clean at a time when your establishment is not open to the public. They will work around your business hours so there will not be any inconvenience to you or to your customers. The advanced cleaning technology used allows for fast drying, so your pubs or restaurants will be ready for business as scheduled.

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Don’t let your dirty carpeting keep your customers away. Call My Carpet Doctor for a free quote today. Having your carpeting and upholstery professionally cleaned is an easy and affordable way to have your establishment look fresh and new again. It is a great way to attract customers, and they will be pleased with the difference.

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